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How can  business succeed in the music and arts industry?


9:00 a.m
Registration and refreshments

9:30 - 09:40
Welcome and Introduction

9:45 - 10:10
Andreas Sønning
Creative concert production
and creative entrepreneurship

10:15 - 10:40
Peter Tschmuck
The relevance of music
Streaming for classical musicians

10:45 - 11:10
Roderick Udo
Financial career decisions
in the music industry

11:15 - 11:45
Comfort break

To participate, you must register.
Participation is free of charge.
Language: English

11:45 - 12:10
Nick Long
Value based communication
through branding

12:15 - 12:40
Christopher Kral
Value based cross cultural
communication, cooperation
and leadership - a toolkit

12:45 - 13:30
panel discussion
with Johannes Meissl
and Sophie Steiner

The lecturers

Prof. Andreas Sønning

Andreas Sønning will present key concepts, principles and experiences for creative concert production and entrepreneurship development. This purpose encompasses a multitude of significant musical and dramaturgical challenges that cut across different sectors of society and cultural boundaries.


ao. Univ. Prof. Peter Tschmuck
The presentation by Peter Tschmuck highlights the relevance of music streaming for classical musicians by assessing the potential for value creation by specific music streaming services in the context of a still dynamic music streaming market.

Peter Tschmuck: curriculum vitae


Roderick Udo shares his experiences and academic insights, both in finance and in practice as a creative director and artist manager. In the more than ten years that Roderick Udo has taught music students of both popular and classical music about career development, he has noticed a complicated relationship between musicians and the management and career development side of their activities. This led to a five-year research program on career development and what drives the decisions and preferences of both musicians and their managers. After 39 interviews with musicians and managers, a large-scale survey was conducted. Popular musicians who have performed at major showcase festivals around the world were asked detailed questions about their career plans, financial decisions and preferences, but also about their personal situation and health. At the Shirabe seminar, Roderick shares the first insights from this survey, combined with practical insights from teaching and management.


Nick Long and his speech: A cohesive visual identity should reinforce a brand's value and project a clear idea of its aims and objectives. Notions surrounding its authenticity, quality, functionality, simplicity and risk taking must form part of its development. Applying rigor to its implementation is just as critical, as is the continuous evaluation of its fitness for purpose.

KRAL Christoph Portrait - Web.jpg

“Value-based cross-cultural communication, cooperation and leadership – a toolkit”

Short abstract

Visual, performing, and musical arts most often happen in a cross-cultural context. The purpose of this presentation is to promote awareness how national values guide our behaviors and expectations often determining success or failure in international art business. A simple day-to-day toolkit will be shared helping people to navigate more effectively in such environments.

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