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Christopher Kral

KRAL Christoph Portrait - Web.jpg

Christoph Kral is the founder of culturehack e.U. supporting Start-ups and Corporates in their digital transformation journey and helping them to introduce innovative business and new digital leadership models including methods on how to establish cultural and technological change successfully. In addition, he shares his broad academic and practical expertise as lecturer for digitalization and cross-cultural competence as part of master courses at the Danube University Krems and at international conferences.

During his professional career, Christoph has been leading organizations in charge of transformational digital business and technology projects at international corporations such as Erste Group, Global Blue and McDonald’s Europe guiding, collaborating and succeeding with teams from all over Europe, US, Brazil, India, Singapore, Egypt and New Zealand.

Christoph’s mission is to encourage inspiration and motivation to ourselves and those around us, putting people at the center and building bridges to leadership, psychology, and technology so that we together can elevate the human potential for our common good.

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